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Ciabatta sandwich with spicy meats

chiabatttaToday I went to the shore… Usually we have a local tacos for lunch, but I kinda got tired from it  so I decide to make sandwich.  Fresh ciabatta, spinach and arugula, spicy Italian meats and creamy mozzarella- perfect combination. It even sounds like my favorite pizza, but in easy variation….. And you can prepare a whole ciabatta bread so you gonna have enough for at least four people.

You need:

  • 1 fresh ciabatta bread
  • 1/4 pound sliced Capicola   (or any spiced salami)
  • 1/4 pound sliced Salami
  • 1/4 pound prosciutto
  • 1 medium mozzarella ball( about 1/4 pound)
  • 1/4 cup pesto sauce (I used prepared) 
  • 2-3 hand fulls spinach and arugula mix ( depends how big your hands)

Cut the bread in half to get a top and bottom half. From the upper half remove some bread.  Spread pesto sauce on both half  and put meats on a bottom one evenly. Tear cheese into small pieces and spread evenly over the meat. Top with spinach and arugula. Cover it with a top pice of bread, wrap and put in refrigerator for few hours. I left mine over night and it was perfect. Easy, tasty and fancy. Enjoy…

Cashew and strawberries



It is time to go outdoor and have fun! I went to Blue mountain resort  PA, for downhill biking and I would say it is a pretty good trail. They do have a mountain golf, never heard about it before, ZIP line and hiking. Go and check it out and do not forget your favorite snack.

I got mine and I love it. Raisins and pecan bread with cashew butter and strawberry jelly. A perfection for such an exercise .